XCare EV Protection

The first and only EV extended warranty product that matters. XCare was made by Tesla experts, for the EV community.

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Vehicle Leasing

Personal and Business Leasing options available for any new EV, including Tesla.

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Financing options available for any future EV owner.

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From Silicon Valley Tech, to traditional Automotive, our team is comprised of the most talented, driven individuals ever. At Xcelerate, it doesn’t matter where you come from - our differences are what make us stronger. We are constantly focused on pushing the needle forward, and developing new ways to better the EV buying experience. Join us in “xcelerating” the worlds transition to sustainable transport.

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We are a group of former Tesla employees, and EV pioneers that work tirelessly to question the status quo, and create new offerings to design the automotive world that we want to live in. Come join us.


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