How it started.

It all started back in 2012 when Tesla asked us to create the first leases on Model S. We had no historical data to base residuals off of and most states had never even heard of Tesla at that point. We had to create a program for the manufacturer and it's direct to consumer model that didn't violate state franchise dealer laws. The desire for electric cars to succeed and the thought of an emissions free future motivated us to take the leap to electrification. We formed Xcelerate in 2014 and made a pledge that year to remove all ICE vehicles from our fleet and only provide products and services for EVs.

We set a goal to form a team of former Tesla employees and EV experts, create products and services by first questioning what the ideal experience is for an EV owner, and creating the journey to achieve that ideal experience.

Customer obsession is our core value, and getting more butts in EV seats is our core mission.

Xcelerate Auto founding team

Xcelerate Auto Team in San Francisco

How its going.

Now a decade later, with over 3000 vehicles in our fleet and industry leading products like XCare, Xcelerate is growing right along side the EV manufacturers and supporting them with products and services that add value to owners and strengthen the overall market on EVs.

We are building the future as a local community and national company, with the most talented, driven individuals ever. At Xcelerate, it doesn't matter where you come from - our differences are what make us stronger, and we're all on the same mission.

It’s possible to power the world with clean energy.

Our Team

KJ Gimbel

Founder & CEO Connect

Alisha Gimbel

Co Founder & Board Member Connect

Milad Davoodi

COO Connect

Brent Seavey

Vice President of Business Development Connect

Deb Walsh

Vice President of Consumer Leasing & Finance Connect

Dayan Sosa

XCare Market Lead Connect

Cary Clark

Senior Account Executive

Libby Sullivan

Customer Success Manager

Tania Carlson

Accounting Manager Connect

David Edelson aka "Promo Dave"

Event Coordinator Connect

Looking to revolutionize the way the world moves? We’re always looking for creative thinkers and problem solvers to join the team.

commercial ev fleet management

Looking to invest?

Xcelerate is looking to partner with like minded firms that believe the future is electric and want to put their money where their heart is. You can be philanthropic and profitable at the same time and Xcelerate believes it has found the recipe that checks all the boxes. Contact us if you are ready to "Xcelerate the world to a sustainable future".

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Community Impact

Tesla Owners Silicon Valley - Drive to Point Reyes Event

We headed out to explore the Bay Area along with a hundred or so other Tesla Owners. We supplied the donuts and they supplied the stories.