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What we cover

XCare covers everything, unless specifically excluded (see FAQ below for details). We offer the best EV benefits in the country, guaranteed.

Below are some of the usual issues we normally cover for our members (Coverage is not limited to these items)

  • HV Battery (enter vehicle details in tool to see if your Electric Vehicle qualifies)

  • Electric Motor/Drive Unit(s)

  • Media Control Unit (MCU)

  • Onboard Computer System

  • Suspension (Including Air)

  • Internal Charger

  • HVAC System

  • Autonomous Driving Sensors

  • Doors Handles/ Falcon Wing Doors

  • Sunroof

  • Touchscreens

  • Actuators

  • Battery Thermal Management

  • Thousands of more components...

Included Benefits:

  • 24/7 Roadside Assistance

  • Towing

  • Rental Cars

  • Trip Interruption

  • Rideshare / Livery Use

  • Backed by 'A' rated insurance company

  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

  • Works around Tesla Service

  • Accepted by any ASE licensed mechanic or 3rd party EV garage

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How To Use XCare

When you are an XCare member and experience a service issue, making a claim is simple.

01Service Issue

Navigate to our XCare claims form and enter your information, state your vehicle concern, and an XCare representative will follow up to guide you through your service/claim.

02Schedule for Service

For Tesla owners, please schedule service using your Tesla mobile app. For all other EVs, reach out to your nearest service center to schedule an appointment.

03Service Appointment

Once you have received an estimate, please forward to your XCare Claims representative so our team can authorize payment.


Once your vehicle is complete, our team will be ready to send payment over to your Service Center. Either have your Service Advisor reach out for credit card payment over the phone or sent via email (minus the deductible). If you paid for service, simply send your paid invoice to XCare Claims for reimbursement.

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All About XCare - The Only EV Extended Warranty

We reinvented the Warranty industry, by designing the first and only Extended Warranty for Electric Vehicles, and created a claims process specially designed for the “direct-to-service” model (like Tesla Service) by walking backwards from the ideal customer experience.

XCare is Service Coverage you can count on, for any EV.

How it works in 4 easy steps:

1 - Enter your vehicle info here

2 - Select which type of coverage you would like to purchase

3 - Enter your contract details

4 - Purchase your coverage

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! There are certain eligibility parameters to have the HV Battery as part of your coverage. If your vehicle is within 7 years of age, and under 100,000 miles when purchasing XCare, then your Battery should be included in the coverage. Simply input your vehicle details at the top of this page, and on the next page it will state whether or not your vehicle is eligible for Battery & Drive Unit coverage.

If your vehicle does not qualify for HV Battery coverage, you can still purchase XCare which will cover mostly everything else as well as the electric motor/drive unit(s)

If you purchased XCare prior to 7/10/2023, your coverage does not include Battery & Drive Unit. If you would like to add Battery & Drive Unit, please reach out to our team at xcare@xcelerateauto.com.

Yes! We understand it may be difficult to purchase the warranty in one upfront payment. For this reason, we now offer a 0% interest payment plan for 12 months. No application, no credit check - simply put 20% down and 11 equal payments of the balance with no interest or fees.

If you would like to arrange our 0% financing option, navigate to our calculator, select the term that fits your driving the best, and exit the site before completing your purchase (when you see the payment screen). One of our XCare representatives will reach out to assist.

Most, if not all, electric vehicles have different warranties for their bumper-to-bumper vehicle limited warranty, and the Battery and Drive Unit warranty. In every circumstance, please reference your owners manual to understand your existing factory warranty.

Most EVs have a 4 year or 50,000 mile (whichever comes first) for the vehicle, and a 8 or 10 year warranty on the Battery and Drive Unit - both from the date of original delivery. To see what your standard limited vehicle warranty is, please enter your vehicle details in our tool above, and you will see the estimated factory warranty on the “Select your plan’ page.

If you are a Tesla owner, simply go into your Mobile app, scroll to the bottom and select “Specs & Warranty” and you will see how long you have left to help better understand which XCare option is best suited for you.

Once the coverage plan is purchased, you have a 30 day grace period until your warranty is activated. Any issues that occured previous to buying XCare, or occurred during the 30 day grace period, will not be covered. During this grace period, you may also choose to cancel and receive a 100% refund. If you purchased a used Tesla through a dealer or private party, please work on getting your ownership transfer completed through the Tesla application. This is specific for Tesla owners since you will need to transfer ownership to properly schedule service through the Tesla application.

We do not care about where you purchased your vehicle from, if you are still under factory warranty, or well past it. If you are able to select your vehicle specifics, and see term options, then your vehicle qualifies. The exceptions are (as written in our terms and conditions) if your vehicle is salvaged, a lemon/manufacturer buyback, or using your vehicle for rental/turo, you are not qualified to have XCare coverage on your EV.

If you think your use case may be different, please reach out!

When creating XCare over 4 years ago, we benchmarked Tesla’s Extended Service Agreement with regards to coverage. We mirrored what they covered, except with greater options and variability.

XCare now comes in 2 forms; XCare EV Premium or XCare Battery & Drive Unit.

XCare EV Premium is a comprehensive exclusionary service coverage, the highest level of coverage that a vehicle qualifies for outside the manufacturer’s warranty. This means, we will cover the entire vehicle with the exception of the excluded items. Things like the 12v battery, wheels, tires, cosmetic related components (body panels, door seals, weather strip, bumpers, paint, glass, etc), and external charging cords/cables. The HV battery may be covered if your vehicle is within 7 years of age, and under 100,000 miles at time of XCare purchase. To see if you qualify, simply use the tool at the top of this page, enter your vehicle details and the description will state if your vehicle is eligible or not.

XCare Battery & Drive Unit is coverage that only applies to your Battery & Drive Unit. Currently, this coverage is only available to Tesla owners/vehicles. No other items are part of this coverage outside of your main HV Battery and/or Drive Unit(s)

Navigate here to review an example of our XCare EV Premium Contract. Depending on year and mileage of the vehicle, Battery & Drive unit coverage may apply.

Navigate here to review an example of our XCare Battery & Drive Unit contract. This is only available to Tesla owners and only covers their Battery and/or Drive Unit(s)

In every circumstance, it is always cheaper to purchase XCare as early as you can (when your vehicle is youngest by age, and miles). For EV owners that just took delivery of their new vehicle, its cheaper to buy an 8 or 10 year warranty term when the vehicle is brand new, versus purchasing a 4 or 6 year term when your vehicle is already 4 years old (both having the same comprehensive coverage plan).

If you end up selling your vehicle, XCare is transferrable to any new owner, or you can cancel for a pro-rata refund for un-used portion.

You have 2 options;

1.) XCare is transferrable to any new owner for a $50 fee, which can be paid by either party. Most of our members who sell their vehicles privately, transfer the warranty to the new owner. In almost every situation, the XCare member was able to sell their vehicle for more with the warranty. Someone trying to buy a Used EV would much rather buy a car that is covered, versus one that is not.

2.) If you trade your vehicle into a dealer, then you can request a cancellation for a pro-rated refund. We will issue you a refund for the un-used portion of the warranty.

In almost every case, an XCare member is better off selling their vehicle with XCare versus getting pro-rated refund, they usually come out with more money in the vehicle’s resale value.

Where you service your EV does not change. XCare functions more in the background as more of a payment service.

If you own a Tesla (Lucid and Rivian customers follow this route as well) before scheduling your service appointment, please simply complete our online Kickstart Your Claim form, or call our Tesla Claims line at 1-877-302-1715, state your vehicle issue/concern, and we will start your claim and guide you through the end. From there, schedule your service visit on your mobile app. As you receive the estimate from Service, please forward that to evclaims@enduranceds.com so our team will be ready to pay Tesla via credit card over the phone, via email, or reimburse you.

If you own any other Battery Electric Vehicle, please take your vehicle to any ASE certified mechanic or qualified servie center, present him/her with your contract or policy number, and have them call 1-877-414-0134 to start your claim.

We will always offer and be willing to pay the Service Center directly, as we view this as the best experience for our members.

Once you have forwarded the Repair Order to your XCare Claims rep, and your vehicle is now complete with Service, we will pay via credit card directly over the phone, send credit card info via email directly to the Service Advisor, or if 3rd party payment processing is not available, we will reimburse you, minus your deductible (if applicable).

Of course, you can cancel at any point. If you totaled your vehicle, sold it, donated it, or simply no longer want to the coverage any longer, you can always cancel for a pro-rata refund. We will issue you a refund for the un-used portion of the warranty. If you sell the vehicle, we highly recommend looking at transferring it as part of the sale to increase your overall value.

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