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From commercial trucks to box vans to vehicle upfits, commercial & equipment leasing has been our speciality since day one.

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Structure your lease/finance with our online calculator and review estimated payments.


Apply Online & Verify Financials. Secure Terms.


Complete Paperwork & Review Stipulations. Prepare for Funding.


Funding & Logistics. Physical Delivery.


Vehicle Registration. Delivery of License Plates.


Lease-End & Early Termination options. Next Vehicle Transition Addition/ Trade-in Analysis. Sub-Lease Assistance.

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Why finance with Xcelerate?

01Cost Per Mile

Procurement only makes sense when the dollars and cents support the mission. Xcelerate can help you dial in your CPM without charging those heavy management fees.

02Tech Upgrades

Xcelerate understands that technology is changing rapidly and no one wants to be caught in obsolescence. We can keep you relevent and monetizing in virtually any environment.

03EV Expertise

Xcelerate is a 100% EV fleet management company. We transitioned completely to EVs before it ws cool. While some fleet management companies are just now figuring out that EVs provide a better overall TCO than ICE cars, we’ve known all along and have the data to support the claims.

XCare EV protection car

All About XCare - The Only EV Extended Warranty

We reinvented the Warranty industry, by designing the first and only Extended Warranty for Electric Vehicles, and created a claims process specially designed for the “direct-to-service” model (like Tesla Service) by walking backwards from the ideal customer experience.

XCare is Service Coverage you can count on, for any EV.

How it works in 4 easy steps:

1 - Enter your vehicle info here

2 - Select which type of coverage you would like to purchase

3 - Enter your contract details

4 - Purchase your coverage

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