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Leasing an EV with Xcelerate is as easy as it gets. Simply follow these steps and we’ll handle the rest!

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Structure your lease/finance with our online calculator and review estimated payments.


Apply Online & Verify Financials. Secure Terms.


Complete Paperwork & Review Stipulations. Prepare for Funding.


Funding & Logistics. Physical Delivery.


Vehicle Registration. Delivery of License Plates.


Lease-End & Early Termination options. Next Vehicle Transition Addition/ Trade-in Analysis. Sub-Lease Assistance.

Why lease with Xcelerate?

01EV Experts

We are a team with over a decade of experience in the EV industry. Started with leasing the first Tesla’s in the country in 2012, combined with a team of former Tesla leaders from 2011. We have helped grow the EV space to what it is today.

02Stay Current with Technology

As technology in vehicles advance, we are beginning to see cars look more like devices. Similar to how providers treat phones, we give you the ability to get in an out of an EV as innovation continues to grow.

03Cost Effective

As interest rates begins to rise, leasing becomes a more attractive method of purchase than the traditional financing route. For businesses, we can help you structure your EV purchase, trade-in cycles, minimize your total cost of ownership, and maximize your write-off potential.

04Delivery Journey Partners

Being EV experts, we intimately know and understand the direct-to-consumer and enterprise delivery journey with Tesla, Ford, Rivian, VW, and all other EV manufacturers. We will guide you through what to expect, and get all questions answered to make your delivery experience seamless and enjoyable.

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Tesla Leasing

In 2012, we helped Tesla lease the first Model S, and now we cover every Tesla on the road – with no down payments or mileage restrictions, and the most flexible terms available.

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Put your mind at ease with XCare.

If your lease term extends past the manufacturer's warranty, we are able to include XCare EV Protection and roll it into your monthly payment. This will eliminate any worries related to surprise service costs as your vehicle ages.

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XCare EV Protection

Frequently asked questions

Nope. If your goal is to come in with only your first payment out-of-pocket, that option is certainly available. Much like any other financial transaction, 100% advance is only offered to those who meet the necessary qualifications.

It depends on the type of lease you enter into. Some leases offer a simple interest payoff if you replace the lease with another lease. However, as a general rule of thumb, most leases will have pre-payment penalties. You should discuss this with your leasing specialist prior to committing to a new lease.

Absolutely. We understand that managing the length of your vehicle lease terms can be one of the best ways to meet your financial and personal transportation expectations. We offer lease terms as short as 24 months and can extend to as long as 60 months.

Nope. While our programs are most applicable (and flexible) to those with at least “good” credit, we understand there are sometimes unforeseen events that could affect your credit–events that don’t necessarily impact your ability to make lease payments on time. We suggest you not be deterred from applying, even if you have a few minor issues on your credit.

No. Only a family member or spouse can co-sign for an applicant.

It sure can, unless the rebate is stated as only available for vehicle purchases (financing), in which case it would not transfer over to a lease. If you’re not sure if the rebate offered by your vehicle’s manufacturer will carry over to your lease, just ask one of our lease specialists and we’ll find out for you.

Yes! We created XCare EV Protection for the community about 4 years ago, which became the first and only warranty specifically designed for Electric Vehicles, with a claims process made to work around direct-to-service models (like Tesla Service). Since, we now have thousands of XCare members in almost every state in the country. To understand what warranty term options are available for you and your driving habits, navigate to our XCare page

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We’re here to help. We know that buying your first EV can be daunting and we want you to have the best buying experience possible.

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With over a decade of fleet management and fleet vehicle sales experience, we know how to balance the right technologies with the right services to make sure your fleet investment is well-protected and well-leveraged, forever.

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