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We provide personal and commercial financing, leasing, and warranty options for electric car owners & manufacturers.

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Financing options available for any future EV owner

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Vehicle Leasing

Personal and Business Leasing options available for any New EV, including Tesla

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Fleet Management

Finance/Lease/Charge your EV fleet for personal, commercial, or public use

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EV Warranty

Creators of XCare, the only EV service coverage that matters

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Our Mission:

To help the world enter a sustainable future by providing peace of mind and transparency around electric vehicle ownership.


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All About XCare - The Only EV Extended Warranty

We reinvented the Warranty industry, by designing the first and only Extended Warranty for Electric Vehicles, and created a claims process specially designed for the “direct-to-service” model (like Tesla Service) by walking backwards from the ideal customer experience.

XCare is Service Coverage you can count on, for any EV.

How it works in 4 easy steps:

1 - Enter your vehicle info here

2 - Select your term

3 - Enter your Contract Details

4 - Purchase your coverage

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Why Choose Xcelerate?


We are motivated by the happiness our customers feel on a daily basis by helping them get into the right Electric Vehicle that fits their lifestyle. We work tirelessly backwards from the customer to reinforce this feeling, by always being prepared when it comes time to transition over to EV.

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Fleet management built for today’s needs

For the first time ever, you can calculate the cost for your business to convert from gas to electric - down to the cost per mile.

With over a decade of fleet management and fleet vehicle sales experience, we know how to balance the right technologies with the right services to make sure your fleet investment is well-protected and well-leveraged, forever.

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