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Xcelerate offers competitive lease and finance options for your EV and acts as your concierge during the order process. Simply follow these steps and we’ll handle the rest!

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Structure your lease/finance with our online calculator and review estimated payments.


Apply Online & Verify Financials. Secure Terms.


Complete Paperwork & Review Stipulations. Prepare for Funding.


Funding & Logistics. Physical Delivery.


Vehicle Registration. Delivery of License Plates.


Lease-End & Early Termination options. Next Vehicle Transition Addition/ Trade-in Analysis. Sub-Lease Assistance.

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These are estimated monthly payments. These estimates are subject to change and contingent on lease approval, available interest rates, and other key factors. This calculator does not include state taxes or registration fees. Early termination fees may apply. Fees may be charged on closed end leases for excessive wear plus any overage of milage at a rate of $0.25 per mile. Leases do not include maintenance or insurance. Security deposits are not required. Complete terms will be included in your Credit Approval Lease payment excludes all state and local tax credits and incentives. *Due at signing amount includes your selected downpayment, first month's payment and acquisition fee.

Vehicles for any work environment

For Contractors

Using your EV as your work vehicle? Xcelerate can help structure your lease or loan around your usage to ensure you’re maximizing your write-offs and leveraging your vehicle to its potential to create better ROI.

For Rideshare Drivers

Using your EV for Uber, Lyft, Door Dash, Grub Hub or Turo? Whatever your monetization strategy is, we can help you accomplish it with high mile structures, annual maintenance and post factory warranty coverage!

For Local Business Owners

Looking to increase your presence and show that your business endorses a sustainable future? Xcelerate offers more structures and features to help you convert to EV than any other company. Add corporate branding to your lease and scale your business while reducing your carbon footprint.

How it started.

It all started back in 2012 when Tesla asked us to create the first leases on Model S. We had no historical data to base residuals off of and most states had never even heard of Tesla at that point. We had to create a program for the manufacturer and it's direct to consumer model that didn't violate state franchise dealer laws. The desire for electric cars to succeed and the thought of an emissions free future motivated us to take the leap to electrification. We formed Xcelerate in 2014 and made a pledge that year to remove all ICE vehicles from our fleet and only provide products and services for EVs.

We set a goal to form a team of former Tesla employees and EV experts, create products and services by first questioning what the ideal experience is for an EV owner, and creating the journey to achieve that ideal experience.

Customer obsession is our core value, and getting more butts in EV seats is our core mission.

Xcelerate Auto founding team

Xcelerate Auto Team in San Francisco

How its going.

Now a decade later, with over 3000 vehicles in our fleet and industry leading products like XCare, Xcelerate is growing right along side the EV manufacturers and supporting them with products and services that add value to owners and strengthen the overall market on EVs.

We are building the future as a local community and national company, with the most talented, driven individuals ever. At Xcelerate, it doesn't matter where you come from - our differences are what make us stronger, and we're all on the same mission.

It’s possible to power the world with clean energy.

Frequently asked questions

Nope. If your goal is to come in with only your first payment out-of-pocket, that option is certainly available. Much like any other financial transaction, 100% advance is only offered to those who meet the necessary qualifications.

It depends on the type of lease you enter into. Some leases offer a simple interest payoff if you replace the lease with another lease. However, as a general rule of thumb, most leases will have pre-payment penalties. You should discuss this with your leasing specialist prior to committing to a new lease.

Absolutely. We understand that managing the length of your vehicle lease terms can be one of the best ways to meet your financial and personal transportation expectations. We offer lease terms as short as 24 months and can extend to as long as 60 months.

Nope. While our programs are most applicable (and flexible) to those with at least “good” credit, we understand there are sometimes unforeseen events that could affect your credit–events that don’t necessarily impact your ability to make lease payments on time. We suggest you not be deterred from applying, even if you have a few minor issues on your credit.

No. Only a family member or spouse can co-sign for an applicant.

It sure can, unless the rebate is stated as only available for vehicle purchases (financing), in which case it would not transfer over to a lease. If you’re not sure if the rebate offered by your vehicle’s manufacturer will carry over to your lease, just ask one of our lease specialists and we’ll find out for you.

Yes! We created XCare EV Protection for the community about 4 years ago, which became the first and only warranty specifically designed for Electric Vehicles, with a claims process made to work around direct-to-service models (like Tesla Service). Since, we now have thousands of XCare members in almost every state in the country. To understand what warranty term options are available for you and your driving habits, navigate to our XCare page

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