The Best Extended Warranty for Electric Vehicles

Being a team of former Tesla employees, and EV owners, we intimately understand the issues behind EVs, the uniqueness of the service process, and the evolution of its technology. We knew that in this age automotive age, every facet of legacy automotive must be re-designed. XCare was created to serve the EV community, and get more butts in EV seats.

XCare was originally developed to mirror Tesla’s Extended Service Agreement, but allowed to various term options, does not matter who you purchased the car from, and included every other Battery Electric Vehicle under its qualification. XCare EV was the first extended warranty designed for the EV community, by members of the EV community.

The biggest perk of driving electric, is the performance! Sometimes, with more agreessive driving, comes issues with wheels and tires. Outside of normal wear, things like nails, curb rash, or bent wheels, can really add up cost during your ownership.

Our team is working on creating the perfect XCare Wheel and Tire coverage that we can stand by…offer coming soon.

Coming Soon…

This will be available as an a-la-carte offering to all of our existing and future XCare members. We are incredibly excited to roll this out to the EV community, as this will give peace of mind to every EV owner who is worried about the cost of replacement for their HV Drive battery and/or Drive Motors.

best extended warranty for evs
XCare EV protection car

All About XCare - The Only EV Extended Warranty

We reinvented the Warranty industry, by designing the first and only Extended Warranty for Electric Vehicles, and created a claims process specially designed for the “direct-to-service” model (like Tesla Service) by walking backwards from the ideal customer experience.

XCare is Service Coverage you can count on, for any EV.

How it works in 4 easy steps:

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2 - Select your term

3 - Enter your Contract Details

4 - Purchase your coverage

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Wheel & Tire Warranty Options

When it comes to your new ride, few things are more annoying (or costly) than damaging your tires and wheels. That’s why Xcelerate offers the best wheel & tire warranty packages in the industry today, even for exotic cars, all backed by “A” rated insurers. So whether that scratch on your rims is cramping your style or your tire or wheel is completely inoperable, we’ll take care of it.

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