Xcelerate Auto Releases XCare Battery and Drive Unit Coverage for Electric Vehicles

By Milad Davoodi | 12/19/2023 | 3 min

XCare EV Protection now offers battery & drive unit coverage for EVs under 7 years old or under 1...

Xcelerate’s History Leading Up to Offices in McKinney and Unveiling of XCare

By Gail Alfar | 09/8/2023 | 3 mins

Explore the history of Xcelerate Auto, from enabling Tesla Roadster ownership in Texas to becomin...

Why We Created an Extended Warranty for the Tesla/EV Community

By Milad Davoodi | 07/10/2023 | 3 min

Our team at Xcelerate think it is very important that everyone understands why we created XCare E...