Xcelerate’s History Leading Up to Offices in McKinney and Unveiling of XCare

By Gail Alfar | 09/11/2023 | 3 mins

Explore the history of Xcelerate Auto, from enabling Tesla Roadster ownership in Texas to becomin...

Xcelerate Auto Releases XCare Battery and Drive Unit Coverage for Electric Vehicles

By Milad Davoodi | 07/17/2023 | 3 min

XCare EV Protection now offers battery & drive unit coverage for EVs under 7 years old or under 1...

Why We Created an Extended Warranty for the Tesla/EV Community

By Milad Davoodi | 07/10/2023 | 3 min

Our team at Xcelerate think it is very important that everyone understands why we created XCare E...