Xcelerate’s History Leading Up to Offices in McKinney and Unveiling of XCare

09/8/2023 / Gail Alfar

Recently, I had the opportunity to meet KJ Gimbel, the Founder & CEO of Xcelerate Auto, at the Xcelerate Headquarters in McKinney, Texas. I drove up from Austin and was warmly welcomed at the Xcelerate Headquarters. During our meeting, I had the chance to learn about Xcelerate's beginnings and the products they offer, and we also took a brief tour of McKinney. 

How & Why Xcelerate Began 

KJ told me an interesting story about how he became involved in making it possible for people to own the original Tesla Roadster in Texas.

When the first Tesla Roadsters were sold in California, they generated interest among people in other states who also wanted a fast, all-electric sports car.

KJ explained that he helped owners by handling complicated details for customers outside of California, allowing them to acquire the iconic sports car. Tesla sold about 2,450 Roadsters in over 30 countries from 2008 - 2012. 

KJ gained valuable experience in the nuances of different state regulations and became an expert at how to help customers with their electric vehicle purchases in Texas and beyond, so it was no surprise when Tesla Motors asked him to create the first leases for Model S vehicles in 2012. 

You probably already know that Tesla sells vehicles using the direct-to-consumer model instead of the dealer model, which in turn, saves customers money, KJ says,

“We had no historical data to base residuals on, and most states had never even heard of Tesla at that point. We had to create a program for the manufacturer and its direct-to-consumer model that didn't violate state franchise dealer laws.”

After gaining valuable experience with Tesla Motors, Xcelerate was formed in 2014 with a pledge to provide products and services exclusively for EVs.

KJ explained, “The desire for electric cars to succeed and the vision of an emissions-free future motivated us to take the leap into electrification.”

Xcelerate is Good for McKinney, Texas


Image credit: Gail Alfar

Xcelerate moved from Frisco to McKinney several years ago, having been awarded a grant dedicated to promoting business growth in the City of McKinney. KJ has been instrumental in helping the city acquire Superchargers, with McKinney now having 8 Superchargers on both Stacy Road and West University Drive.

Tesla Charging Tweet

McKinney is also home to a growing National Airport that accommodates private and cargo flights, using an Amazon fleet of all-electric Rivian delivery trucks. In fact, during my visit to the Xcelerate headquarters, I noticed an all-electric Amazon Rivian Delivery truck silently pulling up and unloading packages.

At the Xcelerate headquarters, KJ has also secured permission for the installation of eight destination chargers. He hopes to generate interest in having people come to visit this historic town north of Dallas. Indeed, McKinney's charming atmosphere and population of just over 200,000 give it a dynamic, small-town vibe. 

Xcelerate is sponsoring a festival with a Back To The Future theme, aiming to promote tourism and electric vehicles and foster economic growth in McKinney. The Historic Collin County Courthouse in McKinney has a look similar to the famous Courthouse in the clock scene in the film, Back To The Future. Throughout the town, there will be different stages, musical venues, games, and snacks, all in an effort to promote tourism and electric vehicles, in the town of McKinney. 


Image credit: Gail Alfar

How Xcelerate Benefits EV and Tesla Owners

Xcelerate has a long-standing history of successfully assisting people with the delivery of their Tesla vehicles, and they extend this service to all other EV vehicles, soon including the iconic Tesla Cybertruck. The Xcelerate team is very excited about helping get loans and leases in place for future Cybertruck owners.

Beyond loans and leases, Xcelerate offers two kinds of warranties: XCare Premium and the new XCare Battery and Drive Unit. XCare Premium covers everything from the Onboard Computer System to Falcon Wing Doors. The plan currently offers the best EV benefits in the country, and it is guaranteed.

XCare Battery and Drive Unit covers the Battery & Drive Unit for Tesla vehicles. This coverage is for Tesla owners only, and all work is coordinated through Tesla Service Centers. On the website, make sure to select the XCare Battery & Drive Unit option, which will generate different offers for your Tesla with terms from 7-10 years and coverage up to 240,000 miles. 

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