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Personal Leases

Sometimes the path to leasing your next personal vehicle is easier than you might think. Come see for yourself.

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Commercial Leases

Providing commercial leasing solutions to companies seeking that rare combination of safe, economical and professional vehicles.

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Looking for inventive, yet transparent options for leasing your next vehicle? Check out these special leasing programs.

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Vehicle Leasing FAQ

Frequently asked questions about leasing vehicles through Xcelerate.

Is a down payment required to lease a vehicle from you?

Nope. If your goal is to come in with only your first payment out-of-pocket, that option is certainly available. Much like any other financial transaction, 100% advance is only offered to those who meet the necessary qualifications.

Can I terminate my vehicle lease early without penalty?

It depends on the type of lease you enter into. Some leases offer a simple interest payoff if you replace the lease with another lease. However, as a general rule of thumb, most leases will have pre-payment penalties. You should discuss this with your leasing specialist prior to committing to a new lease.

Do you offer any lease terms outside of 36 months?

Absolutely. We understand that managing the length of your vehicle lease terms can be one of the best ways to meet your financial and personal transportation expectations. We offer lease terms as short as 24 months and can extend to as long as 72 months.

Do I need perfect credit to be approved for a lease?

Nope. While our programs are most applicable (and flexible) to those with at least “good” credit, we understand there are sometimes unforeseen events that could affect your credit–events that don’t necessarily impact your ability to make lease payments on time. We suggest you not be deterred from applying, even if you have a few minor issues on your credit.

Can a friend act as Co-Signer on my vehicle lease?

No. Only a family member or spouse can co-sign for an applicant.

Can manufacturers' rebates carry over into my lease?

It sure can, unless the rebate is stated as only available for vehicle purchases (financing), in which case it would not transfer over to a lease. If you’re not sure if the rebate offered by your vehicle’s manufacturer will carry over to your lease, just ask one of our lease specialists and we’ll find out for you.

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