Leasing a Rivian Electric Truck

08/26/2023 / Gail Alfar

Rivian designed their emissions-free Electric Adventure Vehicles to challenge the long-held belief that we need a traditional gasoline truck for off-road adventures. 

The brand’s stated mission is to keep the world adventurous forever, and their trucks are built to offer you a more “responsible way to explore the world.” 

Can you lease a Rivian? Yes, absolutely! And when you sign up for a Rivian lease, you are joining many other people who have made the choice to stop relying on fossil fuels for transportation and embrace electric vehicles.

Calculate your Rivian R1S or R1T lease payment today to see how easy it is to get into an electric truck that will take you anywhere!

Advantages of Leasing over Buying

Leasing a Rivian has advantages over buying, such as lower upfront costs, predictable monthly payments, and the ability to upgrade to newer models when you renew your lease. It’s a way to experience the latest technology without the long-term commitment of purchasing and creates extra value in your car ownership experience.

Rivian - The Electric Truck Pioneer

As the first electric truck to enter the EV market, you may know the Rivian because of its unique front headlight design and daytime light bar. In 2019, the manufacturer explained that the purpose of having such a distinct look is so that when people see it, they will know it is an electric Rivian. 

The R1T is the classic pickup truck that I see around my city of Austin quite often. The R1T is available with three All-Wheel Drive systems: Dual-Motor, Performance Dual-Motor, and Quad-Motor. All three are fast and can take you from on-road to off-road.

The R1S is a larger electric SUV, and it’s also available with the same three All-Wheel Drive systems; the Dual-Motor, Performance Dual-Motor, and Quad-Motor. 

Rivian Service Centers Across 19 States

A major factor in leasing or buying a Rivian is if you’ll be able to conveniently access an authorized service center in your city. Their service network is in 19 states and growing. Having a Service Center near you makes maintenance and support easily accessible. 

Rivian says, 

“Rivian is building out a network of Service Centers to support all Rivian owners. Currently, visits to our Service Centers are by appointment only. If you need vehicle service, you can report vehicle issues and request a service appointment in the Rivian app or by calling the Rivian Service Support Team at (855) RIVIAN5.”

Find Rivian Service Centers in major cities in Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Kansas, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Nevada, New York, Ohio, Oregon, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, and the state of Washington. Additionally, there’s a service center in British Columbia, Canada.

I live close to one of their Service Centers in Austin, Texas. The Service Center is comfortable and spacious, with a selection of apparel and water bottles for sale. As with Tesla Service Centers, one thing you will not find is the typical car repair smells of oil and gasoline because EVs are cleaner and need less maintenance. 

Performance and Capabilities

Rivian trucks are built with impressive acceleration, towing capabilities, and off-road performance. 


Depending on the configuration, the R1T can tow up to 11,000 lbs, and the R1S can tow up to 7,700 lbs.

Water Fording

Depending on the suspension settings and wheel size, the maximum water fording height of both the R1T and the R1S is just over 43 inches.


The max payload rating for the R1T and the R1S is 1,764 lb.

Rivian R1S owner, Ben Osgood says, “It is hands down the most fun, intelligent and utilitarian vehicle I have ever driven.” 

Addressing Range Anxiety

Every Rivian vehicle features a CCS plug, so when traveling, you can charge with any public charging network, including where there is a Magic Dock at Tesla Superchargers, currently being built in New York and Texas.

You will most likely plug yours in overnight at your house and wake up ready to go. The Wall Charger is the fastest and most convenient way to charge your EV at home, and it is capable of adding up to 25 miles of range per hour. You can set a charging schedule and only charge when energy costs are lowest. The Rivian wall charger can be installed indoors or outdoors and has Wi-Fi connectivity for software updates.

Rivian's vehicles have extensive range capabilities and advancements in battery technology that make worrying about range less of an issue. 

The R1T truck gives you 270–400 miles of range, depending on the drive system and battery pack you choose.

The R1S is the larger SUV and has a similar range to the R1T. Based on the drive system and battery pack you choose, you’ll get an estimated 260–390 miles of range.

North American Charging Standard (NACS) Adoption

On June 20, 2023, the EV world celebrated that Rivian would adopt the NACS. Here’s what the company had to say, 

“Today we signed an agreement with Tesla to adopt the North American Charging Standard. This opens charging for Rivian vehicles on Tesla's Supercharger network across the United States and Canada. Access starts as soon as Spring 2024.”  

It is significant that Rivian has adopted the North American Charging Standard (NACS) as this will streamline charging infrastructure, making it easier for owners to charge their trucks using the highly functional and prolific Tesla Supercharging Network. 

Financial Incentives and Tax Credits

Both the current model year 2023 R1T and R1S models qualify for $3,750 in federal tax incentives. Your state may offer more financial incentives. Be sure to explore these benefits, as they can significantly reduce the overall cost of leasing your Rivian electric truck.

Are You Ready to Explore A Rivian Lease?

There are many advantages to leasing a Rivian, from lower upfront costs and environmental benefits to their widespread service centers and commitment to NACS adoption. I encourage you to consider the benefits of choosing this option as a smart and sustainable transportation option. Xcelerate is happy to help you find the best Rivian lease deal; simply visit our Personal Lease Price Calculator today!

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