Does Mercedes-Benz offer an extended warranty for electric vehicles?

11/14/2023 / Gail Alfar

I recently visited the Mercedes-Benz dealership in Austin, Texas, eager to uncover details about their electric vehicle warranty. Here's what I discovered:

No Extended Battery Warranty Offered

Unfortunately, Mercedes-Benz doesn't provide extended warranties beyond the factory warranty for electric vehicle batteries, while they do offer warranty plans for in-car electric components. 

Battery Coverage

On the bright side, Mercedes-Benz's factory warranty for EV batteries is robust. Batteries are protected for an impressive 10 years or up to 155,000 miles for the EQS and EQE and 8 years or 100,000 miles for the EQB, which should provide some peace of mind to electric vehicle owners.

Plates at the Dealer

You can get plates for your Mercedes-Benz electric vehicle at the dealership. which is quite convenient.

Affordable Price Range

Electric Mercedes-Benz models start at an attractive price point, typically ranging from $55,000 for the EQB line to $130,000 and up for the EQS line, making them accessible to a wide range of buyers.

In-House Financing 

Mercedes-Benz offers in-house financing options, simplifying the process of owning one of the all-electric luxury vehicles. 

Mercedes EQS

During my visit, I had some insightful conversations, which I’ll share with you.

Sales Associate Insights

The sales associate mentioned selling hundreds of electric Mercedes vehicles over the last three years, reflecting the growing popularity of these cars. He said in 3 years, he’s seen only 3 battery replacements and Mercedes covered all costs. 

Customer Joy

I learned that Mercedes-Benz electric vehicle owners are most happy about the peaceful feeling inside the car while driving across the highway, the comfortable seating, and the superior audio quality.

Gail Alfar

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